1. All goods purchased at tavagaisma.lv have a manufacturer's warranty.

2. The manufacturer's warranty period for the goods varies, it can be up to five years.

3. Information about the manufacturer's warranty period for the specific product can be found in the product packaging or it is possible to ask tavagaisma.lv customer consultant.

4. In cases where the manufacturer has set a warranty period less than two years, the costumer can claim for non-compliance of the product with the terms of the contract within two years from the date of purchase.

5. The right to warranty is valid if the product was used only by conditions provided by manufactures instructions.

6. Business clients who are not private clients, warranty time period specified by the manufacturer warranty only.

7. Please note that the manufacturer's warranty is valid if the buyer can provide:
7.1. a document what confirming the purchase (check or invoice); 
7.2. the manufacturer's or distributor's warranty card (if the manufacturer or distributor has included one in the product package). 
7.3. You can find information about the certified service centers of the manufacturer on the manufacturer's or distributor's warranty card by calling the manufacturer's representative office or the distributor indicated on the product packaging or writing to e-mail: info@tavagaisma.lv

8. Terms of the manufacturer's warranty do not apply to damage caused by the fault of the buyer and they are: 
8.1. the product has packaging damage that has arisen due to unpacking product; 
8.2. the product has not been used for its intended purposes and has not been operated of specified instructions for use of the product;
8.3. scratched, broken constructions, cracked glass, water in places not intended for it, the product was cared for by incorrect cleaning products, if unauthorized objects were found in the product, traces of self-activity are not allowed, which indicate the incorrect functions of the product; 
8.4. if the damage is caused by the supply voltage, non-compliance of cable networks with the standards specified by the manufacturer, as well as other household and external factors, such as soot, smoke, dust, moisture, shocks, scratches; 
8.5. if in the product are unqualified repairs; 
8.6. in cases of natural deterioration of the elements. 
8.7. if non-standard power supplies, accessories and spare parts have been used for the product, which have not been certified by the manufacturer for use with the specified product, and if this has caused damage to the product; 
8.8. in addition to the equipment, the warranty does not apply to connecting cables, screws and other equipment. 
8.9. if the goods have been used by the buyer for production or professional purposes (if the specific goods are not intended for such purposes); 
8.10. the warranty does not work if the damage has occurred as a result of incorrect transportation of the goods.

9. In case the product is damaged, the buyer has the following options:
9.1. Find the nearest manufacturer or distributor (bringing a document confirming the purchase and a warranty card);
9.2. write an e-mail to info@tavagaisma.lv where the buyer will get recommended solution.

10. Complaints out-of-court dispute resolution procedures.
Please submit a complaint regarding the availability or quality of the goods electronically by sending it to the e-mail address info@tavagaisma.lv The complaint will be considered within 15 working days from the day of receipt of the complaint, sending the reply to the contact address indicated in the complaint.

We remind you that consumers have the right to file a claim for a product that does not comply with the terms of the contract within 24 months from the date of delivery.